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Placing a BILS has an impact on its environment. We want to keep the frogs happy, but honestly, we don't know too much about this and would be happy to learn from you. Please tell us about your concerns.


(c) by R.Haberl, SPF

Invasive aliens

A potential probelm could be invasive alien species that are attraced by the BILS for any reason. For example due to a warm surface of the storage. However the report on invasive alien species in Switzerland provided by BAFU does not give any hint on a potential problem that could be linked specifically to BILS.

-> For the time being we assume that invasive aliens is not a problem. 

Heating up the lake

Check out the page on heating up the lakes 


-> For the time being we assume that heating up the lake is not a problem. 

Microplastics / Chemicals

This question is linked to the material selection. We are not yet there, but will take care about this later.  


-> For the time being we don't know whether microplastics and chemical are problem s but the question is considered. 

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