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BILS7 experiments

As a result of the previous promising experiments with the superabsorber, we decided to go for the next step and build a device with the superabsorber as insulation material. One the main challenges is the attachement of the the jelly insulation material to the bubble. Looking for industrial materails that could be used we found suppliers of so called ice-packs that are used to transport flowers, food and other perishable products. These ice packs consist of two plastic foils in "Ravioli shape", filled with a small amount of the superabsorber material.       


When brought to water the bags absorb a certain amount of water: Immobilizeed water 


Several layers of these packs were wrapped around the tank. Furthermore an outer shell was added to reduce exchange with the surrounding water. 


SAP-BILS before watering on the left side: Right side, after some minutes in the codl water. The water bags have soakud up water and the BILS has come into shape as planned.  

More about insulation experiments 

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