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BILS8 experiments

Before the end of the project, another experiment is planned.

All we have done so far is promising and we are sure that we are on a good track. However, for technical reasons mainly it was not possible to really heat up the storage to higher temperatures and to study the behavior when really warm.


A central storage with a volume of about 600 liters is surrounded by a flexible honeycomb structure that is filled with 0.5m thick SAP material. The whole prototype is placed in a pool. Then heated up to about 65°C

SAP BILS HeatingUp1.jpg

The central storage easily reaches maximum temperature after 4h. The temperature inside the SAP Insulation (Ins_I, Ins_M, Ins_O) is still increasing even after 2 days.

Then cooling down 

SAP BILS CoolingDown1.jpg
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